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Hazard BuckJacobs [userpic]
Pagan family looking for a part-time care giver / supervisor
by Hazard BuckJacobs (badrahessa)
at October 12th, 2007 (08:22 pm)

Afternoon Care-giver Position Opening ( Part-time / 20 hrs week )

Afternoon Care Giver ( Part Time / 20 hrs week )
Pasadena, TX 77506

$8 - $10 an hour / DOE

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Unrepentant Artfag [userpic]
Danny Schmidt in Houston, September 14
by Unrepentant Artfag (00goddess)
at September 6th, 2007 (04:00 pm)

The amazing, brilliant Danny Schmidt is playing in Houston on September 14. Tickets are $12 through September 11 and $15 thereafter. The venue is Songbird Sanctuary, a private home in the Montrose area. This is a house concert, and all proceeds go to the artist.

Danny Schmidt is a great songwriter and performer whose career is just taking off. But, he is still struggling and a full house on September 14 could make a big difference in his life and career right now. Come out and make it happen!

You can hear some of Danny's music at http://dannyschmidt.com

Tickets are still available, but seating is limited and reservations are required. email music@songbirdsanctuary.org for ticket information.

Black Cherry International Woman of Mystery [userpic]
New to the community
by Black Cherry International Woman of Mystery (blkchrrybard)
at April 30th, 2007 (08:52 pm)

But not new to being pagan in Houston.
Just a hello. 

How's it all going and a very happy MAY DAY!


witchfest_coa [userpic]
Just saying hi for the 1st time
by witchfest_coa (witchfest_coa)
at February 8th, 2007 (10:49 am)

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cakemixkillah [userpic]
by cakemixkillah (cakemixkillah)
at January 10th, 2007 (11:18 pm)

i've very recently started a group for the sharing of spells, potions, herbals, craft making, and any other homemade goodies. i invite all to join and to share.


thank you much and blessed be.

caliantrias [userpic]
pagan domain available
by caliantrias (caliantrias)
at November 13th, 2006 (09:29 pm)

I used to publish the MN Pagan Press, we were going to duplicate our efforts here in Texas but plans have changed. As such the domains txpaganpress.com/net/org are available. If anyone is interested in these domains, let me know.

Unrepentant Artfag [userpic]
by Unrepentant Artfag (00goddess)
at October 7th, 2006 (11:44 pm)

I have two large goldfish that need new homes. These are pond fish, so they need to be in a pond or have a HUGE tank to themselves. One is about 8 inches the other about 6.

If you're interested email me at reptilegrrl at 00goddess dot net .

The Raven [userpic]
by The Raven (theoldone)
at September 25th, 2006 (09:31 pm)

The March to CMA Samhain

Mabon has passed, and we are counting the days till the Samhain Festival. It’s been a long process that involves dealing with the surprises that chance has thrown our way. One might think that one festival would run much like the one before it, but people, supplies and materials throw us curves that keep me on my toes.

I’d like to thank Blaze for managing the announcements, Safety Staff, land, and juggling personnel when needed. I’d like to thank Mary for smoothing the pile of paperwork, organizing the elections, and getting the ballots mailed.
I’d like to thank Bruce for getting the web page and communications together, and I need to thank Gary for keeping more balls in the air than I would have thought possible.

I’ll be announcing the dates for Beltaine and Samhain this week. If you are a member of the CMA The Village list, please take advantage of the opportunity to express your preferences for the weekend of Beltaine (I really want to know what works best for you).

There will be more “Market Research” in the near future. I want to know what you want from your CMA.
We’re working on a calendar for 2008, and more events (why limit ourselves to two festivals?)
We have new initiatives and new programs to make your CMA something that you can be even more proud of.
We’ll be introducing a program to reduce our impact on the landfills and programs to make us more self sufficient.

I hope that you will all be able to join us to bring this year to a close. We have a bright future, and we all have a part in it.


bryancrump [userpic]
Scouting locations to shoot at in Houston or Galveston, TEXAS
by bryancrump (bryancrump)
at September 19th, 2006 (10:34 am)

Wanted to get input and see what all people would reccomend shooting pics at around houston or Galveston or someplace within reasonable driving. I want to find places for landscape, places for architecture and just cool places overall. Finding some old burned out stuff woudl even be cool. or interesting areas.

Also if anyone knows of a bike shop or auto place that need pictures to promote their work. I am looking for props for my models. Being as I am fairly new to houston, I would really appreciate feedback.

Bryan C.

roundrockronin [userpic]
First Freedom First Petition
by roundrockronin (roundrockronin)
at September 14th, 2006 (12:40 pm)

I found this on interfaith_talk at the topic Religious Liberty and "Rosie"-colored glasses.

The web site is www.firstfreedomfirst.org. They are very concerned about maintaining the separation of church and state (between which over the last few years the line has become more and more blurred). Separation of church and state is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart.

The have a petition on their web site that if you are so inclined you can sign. You can see it at http://www.firstfreedomfirst.org/files/FFF petition pad - 8-7-06.pdf

I firmly believe that if you don't protect your rights someone will come along and take them from you. Please have a look at this and, if it suits your conscience, please sign it.

If you want to get involved here it the chapters list:

If you are in Texas like me you can contact them via the information below:

Central Texas Chapter centexau@yahoo.com
Greater Houston Area Chapter HoustonAU@flash.net www.houstonau.org
P.O. Box 55526 • Houston, TX 77255-5526

Take care,
John Hidalgo.

Unrepentant Artfag [userpic]
HCC textbooks for sale
by Unrepentant Artfag (00goddess)
at August 27th, 2006 (02:31 am)

MATH 0306-0308- "Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra" (Bittinger, Ellenbogen) includes solutions book. $60 - this books costs $70 used at textbooks for less.

ALL MATH- UNOPENED MyMathLab password $15- costs $20- $30 at HCC.

HIST 1301- "William Pitt Ballinger" (Moretta) $13- lists at almost $20

HIST 1301- "Linking the American Past" (Bodner et al) $20- costs more than $40 at HCC bookstore!

I am inside the Loop and can meet you somewhere for the exchange.

roundrockronin [userpic]
Confirmed Location, Date and Time: Texas Shinto Study Group Meeting in Houston Saturday August 26th
by roundrockronin (roundrockronin)
at August 24th, 2006 (04:18 pm)

Texas Shinto Study Group Meeting at Benihana in Houston Saturday August 26th, 2006
Just wanted to confirm that the Texas Shinto Study Group will be having a meeting in Houston on Saturday, August 26th at 7:30 PM. The location is the Benihana Japanese restaurant in Southwest Houston at Westheimer and Gessner (see: http://www.benihana.com/locator_detail.asp?id=74 ). I will be bringing new Shinto books and photos from the Konpira Jinja in Japan.

Take care,
John Hidalgo

roundrockronin [userpic]
Texas Shinto Study Group Meeting in Houston Saturday August 26th
by roundrockronin (roundrockronin)
at August 15th, 2006 (05:07 pm)

The Texas Shinto Study Group will be having a meeting in Houston on Saturday, August 26th at 7:30 PM. The tentative location is the Benihana Japanese restaurant in Southwest Houston at Westheimer and Gessner (see: http://www.benihana.com/locator_detail.asp?id=74 ). The location will be confirmed sometime next week.

Take care,
John Hidalgo
"Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty." - Frank Herbert, Dune Chronicles
"Wherever I go, everyone is a little bit safer because I am there. Wherever I am, anyone in need has a friend. Whenever I return home, everyone is happy I am there." - Robert L. Humphrey

Hazard BuckJacobs [userpic]
Pagan art for sale
by Hazard BuckJacobs (badrahessa)
at August 14th, 2006 (02:55 pm)

Due to an unfortuneate series of events I am selilng this awesome peice of artwork that I purchased at festival a few years back from a local texas pagan artist. ( Cat )

Asking $100

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Unrepentant Artfag [userpic]
Walking Buddy
by Unrepentant Artfag (00goddess)
at August 8th, 2006 (10:37 pm)

I am looking for a walking buddy in the Heights area. I live in the Heights and want to start walking regularly for exercise. I have a chronic illness so I can't walk every day but I want to do it most days and eventually I might be able to do daily walks.

The heat is crazy so I want to walk in the early evening or even in the morning.

I don't amble, when I walk I generally haul ass. I have short legs but I like to walk steadily. My goal is to get faster as my stamina increases. Is anyone interested in walking with me? If you want to bring your dog that's cool.

roundrockronin [userpic]
New Texas Shinto LJ Community
by roundrockronin (roundrockronin)
at August 6th, 2006 (08:47 am)

I have just created a new Live Journal community for Texans who are interested in Shinto. Please have a look and join if you are interested. All are welcome as long as everyone plays nice.

texasshinto Texas Shinto

Take care,
John Hidalgo

Bailey [userpic]
Job Opening
by Bailey (bailey21975)
at August 4th, 2006 (03:58 pm)

feeling: busy
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HR just sent out an email advertising for an opening in another department of the firm I work for.

Administrative Assistant – Suburban Team

Job Duties:
• Answer phones for the attorneys (and Bill King when Kate is unavailable)
• Maintain information relating to collection programs for different clients
• Maintain client and team statistical reports
• Assist Area Managers with taxpayer phone calls
• Complete special projects and other tasks as assigned

Job Specifications:
• Two years or more from an accredited university*
• Positive disposition
• Professional attitude
• Team mentality
• Good organizational and phone skills
• Strong communication skills
• Excellent spelling and grammar skills
• Basic knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Office programs (i.e. Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook)
• Ability to work independently with little supervision
• Focused
• Task-oriented
• Attention to detail
• Excellent attendance and punctuality

Monday – Friday
8:00 – 5:00

* Required

Please submit resume and salary requirement to guil.arriaga@publicans.com by Friday, August 11.

I've only been here for 3 weeks, but I'm enjoying it so far. I can't necessarily speak for the other department supervisors, but mine have been open and accepting in every way.

Good luck! If you want to talk to me more about the company, feel free to email me.

Pantsman! [userpic]
Support those who support us
by Pantsman! (captainwhimsy)
at July 11th, 2006 (04:42 pm)

I dont normally do this, but I need to for this:

Recently, HEB spent $300 to support the Gay Pride parade in San Antonio. Take a look at what a Christian radio station in SA has done with it.
http://www.takeastand.net/heb.asp: <http://www.takeastand.net/heb.asp>

HEB is a great partner especially to the gay community in Houston. If you have a minute, please send an email of support to Scott McClelland, President of HEB. Word is that he is being called on the carpet big time from Houston area churches.


Save The Furries!
by Chisaii Kaji (lemonbox)
at June 12th, 2006 (02:35 pm)

I don't know if this is okay,
but I didn't find that is was written as forbidden?

I've become a foster parent for two kittie families of BARC.

Until last night I had 2 nursing mothers & 6 babies(3 each).
As of 12:48am this morning, I lost one.
I spent all of yesterday & last night with her, but she just wasn't strong enough.

One of my kittie families is very sick. They contracted some sort of virus inside the shelter before I picked them up.... now they are battling for their lives. One of the kittens seemed healthy, & I seperated her out immidiately. She is doing well & has been adopted(so to speak) by my own kitties.

The remaining kitten & it's mother are very sick. Not doing well at all!

The mother is coughing & sneezing & is absolutely dripping mucus. Very dehydrated.
She is pretty miserable. She has stopped eating & as a result has stopped producing milk for the baby.
We'd essentially been force feeding her, but this stresses her out so, it's almost not worth it.

The baby is very hopefull, & can be coaxed to eat goats milk & wet cat food.
She still isn't intaking enough. She's catching her mother's illness.
Her dehydration has reached a level that causes horrible diarreah.
This means that none of the benifits of her eating is sticking.

They both need medication, IV fluids, & much much more.

BARC can/will only cover this for a moment.
They will provide some of the IV fluids & medication.
These animinals need much much more.

I'm asking all of you now, please help me!
I'm requesting donations from anyone & everyone.
Anything you can give. Everything helps!
Without this vital assistance, they will die too!

When making a donation, if you'd like updates on these babies...
Comment in your contact info. We can send you pictures & info of their(hopefull) progress.

Thank you!

if donate button fails,
you can donate via paypal to friendsoffurries@yahoo.com


Bunny Of Doom [userpic]
Hold the Garlands High!
by Bunny Of Doom (gothbunnyodoom)
at May 1st, 2006 (08:10 am)

Merry Up, and Merry Up!
It's the first of May!
Merry in the morning!
And Merry on your way!