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Merideth [userpic]
CMA Beltane2010
by Merideth (merispork)
at February 28th, 2010 (09:27 am)

Celebrate the fullness of spring with the CMA community! We will be presenting rituals and workshops from a wide variety of traditions and groups, along with bands and an assortment of entertainers. We have activities for all ages, from small children to community elders. Drum and dance around the revel fire, learn something new, meet a new friend, find a new path, join a new community.

CMA Beltane 2010: In Bloom
April 15-18th, Spirithaven - Central Texas
Register online at www.magickal-arts.org!

ATTN Newbies! For your first festival, we will waive your $25 membership fee. Contact tickets@magickal-arts.org for more info.

This Beltane, CMA is proud to present the following guests
* Popular pagan children's author W Lyon Martin will be presenting workshops on home blessings, crafting rituals for children and more.
* Author and speaker Bryan Lankford will be presenting the Psychology of Mythology and other assorted topics.
* Hougan Aboudja will be presenting "Understanding Haitian Vodou."
* Didgeridoo player Rashani will be giving us an encore presentation.

Bands include Robin Kirby, Ted Tom and Maddie, Lauren Morris, Dana Davis and GBMojo!

Rituals include:
*Twining the Blooms
*Rite of the Bee
*Chocolate Ritual

Workshops include:
*Empathic Discovery
*Romance and the Art of Erotic Energy Work (18+)
*Accupressure for Emotional Healing
*Pagan Jeopardy
*Through the Looking Glass w/Khandroma Dance Troupe
*Drumming with Nighthawk
*Lusty Bard Poetry Reading
*Taoist Erotic Genital Massage
*Pagans Got Talent - Open Mic Night
*The Hermetic Principles

CMA Youth Services is also proud to present the 3rd annual Fairy Ball Friday night of Beltane (with special auction). Bring your fae finery for this free costume ball. Music, merriment and mischief abound. This year's ball theme is "C'mon Baby, Light my Fire." Flame on, fae court, flame on.

Register online or by mail from now til April 1st.
Adults: $65
Kids 12 and under: Always free

Late registration will be available at the gate for CMA members. Check the website for details. Check the registration form for details on how to pre-order your ice, firewood and tshirts!