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Merideth [userpic]
Reminder - Online registration closing soon!
by Merideth (merispork)
at September 15th, 2009 (07:53 am)

Wow, have you felt that cool breeze coming through as the sun goes down? Summer is taking its slow decline and Autumn is creeping around the corner. Samhain is coming!

Today is the last day to register online or mail in your registration forms! We will have late registration available at the gate, but that is a little more expensive, so we recommend registering early.

Check out the list below for some of the new workshops and society meetings coming up!


CMA Samhain 2009
Back to Basics
Oct 15-18th

We've got some excellent events lined up this festival, from our traditional Ancestral Web to an OTO Mass. Walk the Labyrinth, dance to the drums, move to the rhythm of your heart. Join the kids at Faerie Mound for the family harvest festival or put on your dancing shoes for the Masked Ball. Check out a poetry reading with guest poet Larissa Lee or a lecture with Dr. Stephen Flowers. With our wide variety of workshops, rituals and events, we have a little something for everyone. (see details below).

Registration is open through September 15th:
Adult ticket: $65
Kids 13+: $40
Kids 12 and under: free!
Daypasses: $40

By popular demand, late gateside registration will be available for our members. Please remember that late registration is $80, so register early (and often!). We also have the work exchange program available! For more info on the work exhange program, please contact workexchange@magickal-arts.org.

Stephen Edred Flowers - Renouned runologist and proponent of occultism and Germanic mysticism. This native Texas author has over two dozen published books on a wide range of esoteric subjects.
Larissa Lee - Newly published author of "Dark-Hearted: Poetry from the Dark Side of the Heart" will be joining us to discuss poetry's role in spirituality.
Khandroma - Houston's premiere gothic belly dance troupe will be joining us for belly dance classes and performing in our traditional Hafla.

Wyrdgrl and Friends - Wyrdgrl is a rich tapestry of tales between myth and perception woven by singer-songwriter Dana Davis.
Ghost of a Rose - An eclectic duo from Houston and veterans of the Ren Fair/Pagan/Celtic circuit .
KatsüK is a mesmerizing emotive musical experience that can silence a room, turn it upside down, and make it sweat. From Folk to Rock to Reggae to Funk to Country to Psychedelia to Tribal Drums and Flutes to a style like no other, KatsüK is a genre chameleon and truly a unique and deeply impact-full musical anomaly.

* Stone Soup Potluck - Shadow and Co are putting on a Thursday evening potluck at CMA1. Come on down and bring a dessert or ingredient to contribute (menu to be posted online shortly).
* Open Mic Night (Pagans Got Talent!) - Bring your poem, bring your guitar, bring that really...creative performance art you've been practicing at home. Pagans have got talent and we want to see it! Thursday night before revel fire!
* Lighting of Merchant's Row - Thursday evening, Vendors Row hosts a grand opening. Come on down for snacks, decorations and general activities.
* Rainbow Camp GLBT & Friends Altar Dedication - A celebration of our differences and unity. All are welcome and offering for the weekend or the altar are welcome.
* Safety Ritual - Join the Healers and Guardians as they affirm their commitment to the well-being of our community.
* Ancestral Web - Weaving a Web to honor our Ancestors. The web will be raised off the ground and held up all weekend for those who wish to come by and add their energy and mementos to remember those who have made the journey to the Summerlands.
* Ride the Chaos Dragon - This is a guided meditation linking the participants to a powerful source of cleansing and transformational energy to rid them of a specific undesirable trait, habit, thought pattern, etc.
* Soul Retrieval Workshop - Soul Retrieval is one of the oldest shamanic practices, performed all over the world for tens of thousands of years. This is a guided meditation, from a position of strength, to reclaim the best of what we have buried, and resolve the rest.
* Magic of Menstruation - A workshop and discussion group regarding the cycles of a woman's life and how we as women can use that feminine energy in magickal workings.
* Embracing Your Darkness Through Poetry - Guest Poet Larissa will demonstrate how poetry can help us to connect with our
shadow selves, our Dark Hearts, and how the expression of the ugliest and harshest moments in our lives can become some of the most beautiful art.
* Changing Your Past to Change Your Future - While you cannot change past events, you can alter the way you perceive events, and therefore your emotional reaction to them. This workshop teaches simple techniques to alter our reactions to our history so that our future can be enriched.
* Faery Mound Harvest Festival - Fun, food and games at the Faery Mound. Bobbing for Apples, Costume contests, pinatas and more!
* Danse Macabre Mascarade Ball - Put on your finest and join us at CMA1 for a night to remember! Don't forget your masks!
* Back to Basics w/Circle of the Midnight Rose - CotMR's premiere main ritual at CMA.
* Make Your Own Hula Hoop - Hula master Rowan will be showing you how to make your own custom hoop and maybe teach you a few tricks to boot.
* Crystal 101 - A basic introduction to crystals. After this class, you will be able to identify major crystals and their properties, cleanse them, and charge them with intention.
* Chakra Toning Meditations - Mix light and sound to tone the chakra and explore its characteristics.
* Through the Looking Glass: Combinations - Khandroma, Houston's Premiere Gothic Fusion Belly Dance Troupe, presents Through The Looking Glass: Four Combinations for Gothic Fusion Belly Dance. Using archetypes from Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through The Looking-Glass, we will teach four combinations suitable for intro through intermediate belly dance.
* Hafla - Basically Twisted: A Circus Side Show - the Dancers are putting on a fantastic show at the CMA-1 Big Top!
* The Howling - an intense grieving ritual where you are opened to the core in a spiritually and physically safe space for healing past emotional trauma and pain.
* Ceili - A Celtic music sharing. Come down to share a story, a joke or a song with your community!
* Grounding and Centering Basics - A great intro to one of the basics of magickal practice.
* Shielding Basics - Discuss various types and methods of shielding using guided meditation.
* Under the Bodhi Tree - An open discussion on life, the universe and everything. An exploration of personal spirituality in sacred space.
* Tai Chi for Health and Magick - The basics of tai chi and energy work.
* Spiritual Literacy - Develop your own spiritual alphabet and learn techniques to incorporate the sacred into your everyday life. Book swap and share your favorite authors.
* The Mystic Heart - Discuss and explore different types of mystical spirituality, the goal of the sacred journey, the community of consciousness, perspective vs perception and the practical nature of the mystical way.
* Glamour Magic - Learn an interesting new twist on the ancient art of Glamour.
* Dog is God Spelled Backwards - Let's talk about Dogs! learn new ways to communicate with those loveable fur babies. Don't worry. They will totally forgive you if you don't bark the right tone!
* Kata Dance - Kata is known in arts as the movement of form and energy. We will examine various forms of music and techniques to learn and experience energy manipulation through this exciting dance form.

* Philosophers and Theologians - nterested in talking about the big ideas of Paganism and Magick with others? We'll discuss what it is we're really talking about when we say "god," "goddess," "energy," and "ritual," plus the nitty gritty of what makes what we do work for us.
* Writers and Poets - For those who create or enjoy good literature and verse.
* Chanter's Chorus - Raise your voice in song! We will be sharing seasonal chants, teaching new songs, and discussion the role of vocal music in Pagan ritual.
* Temple of the Dancers - We meet to discuss the current events, Hafla, and the Hafla for the next event. The dancers Society is open to every skill level and person who wishes to participate in the Haflas.
* Fig and Pomegranate - we will be focusing on safety in adult-play situations--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual safety are of utmost importance and the workshop will include a roundtable discussion and the opportunity for participants to share ideas and thoughts.

More workshops and rituals to come! Check back at CMA-Announce or www.magickal-arts.org for more information!

Remember, online registration closes Sept 15th. Register early, register often!