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Unrepentant Artfag [userpic]
Seeking Housemates
by Unrepentant Artfag (00goddess)
at December 27th, 2008 (11:25 am)

My partner and I are looking for housemates; specifically for 2-3 people to share a large house with us. We wish to move in mid-January.

We are a stable long-term queer couple who are both pretty introverted, but like to socialize. Thus we are looking for a group living situation. We like our home to be pretty quiet, but we're open to parties and entertaining. I'm an artist and he works in finance. We both love books and read a lot. We have a cat and some rodents, all indoor, as well as turtles who love outdoors. We are willing to take on the lease and risks for the household.

We're looking for people who are open-minded, clean, relatively quiet-living, and financially stable. You should like group living but be okay with sharing a bathroom with another person. Small caged pets are okay. Smokers okay as long as they smoke outside.

We're cool with college students, occultists and pagans, GLBT people, creative types, gamers, geeks of all stripes, and even completely average normal types who are open-minded enough to be cool with us.

We're looking to rent inside the Loop and we expect rent to be between $600-$700 per person.

If interested you can email me, reptilegrrl at 00goddess.net